“Get a call” Mobile App Tested Successfully in USA

15th May 2015 was an exciting day for everyone at Get a Call – the beta version of our VOIP mobile app was ready for “real-world” testing. The idea was to distribute the app to a wider audience outside of our app-development team to check the real-time functionality of the app.

The app was shared with a range of users including International business travellers, tourists, entrepreneurs and domestic users.  USA was chosen as the target location for beta testing and the invitation to test the app was sent out to users from across the US. The app was most prominently tested by users from Washington D.C, New York City, Montpelier (Vermont), Pensacola (Florida), San Francisco (California), Chicago (Illinois), Detroit (Michigan) and Honolulu (Hawaii).

The users were required to download the app on their smart phones using a private link shared exclusively with them. Each user’s account was credited with a few dollars and were given a free hand to make local as well as international calls using the app – with and even without the internet.

The app’s featured attraction is its ability to operate both ON & OFF the internet. While the internet connection is present, the call is connected through VOIP gateways and where there is no internet access, the call is routed through local telecom operators.

The users were required to give feedback on various parameters such as app’s ease of use, functionality, appearance, call connectivity, quality of the call, app navigation, integration with existing contacts, etc.

The feedback was definitely positive. The call quality was perfect, the integration with existing contacts was seamless and the connectivity was just as quick as using a regular phone line. Few minor bugs were identified with the app’s navigation and valuable suggestions were identified to include add-on features.

With the successful testing of the beta app, team Get a call is now geared to add more features to the Get a Call app. The app will be soon available for download on play store and subsequently on app store and windows store.

The app is scheduled to be officially launched in August 2014 at Goa, India – an international tourist destination.

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